Our unique surgical service provides amputees and people who have suffered from major physical trauma with a range of reconstructive options to improve their quality of life.

With a passion for innovation, we have the expertise and partnerships to provide you with a full spectrum of care.

Osseointegration is at the heart of what we do, but at Relimb, our specialists will evaluate you as an individual and tailor a reconstructive plan that suits your needs and goals. Our specialist areas

Osseointegration surgery

Major limb osseointegration (OI) surgery is usually performed as a 1-stage procedure for faster rehabilitation and to reduce the risk of infection.

Nerve surgery

Osseointegration (OI) surgery involves the insertion of a metal implant into the bone of your residual limb. Following a rehabilitation process, you will be able to attach a prosthesis directly to the implant.

Other reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive plastic surgery procedures are an important option to improve your well-being and confidence.

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Meet our team

Mr Norbert Kang and Mr Alexander Woollard founded Relimb in 2018 with a vision to offer a complete reconstructive service to amputees and other traumatically injured patients.

Our partners

Self-assessment checklist

With more surgical options than ever before, it can be tough to find the answers you need. Save time with our self-assessment checklist. It takes just a few minutes and can help you decide which treatments could work for you.

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