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Relimb was founded in 2018 by Mr Norbert Kang and Mr Alexander Woollard, both plastic surgeons at North London’s Royal Free Hospital. We provide a complete reconstructive service for amputees and people who have been through major physical trauma.

About us

With decades of combined experience, and hundreds of patient success stories, we know that procedures like osseointegration (OI) and targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR) can transform your quality of life. Our unique background in reconstructive plastic surgery means that we look at the whole picture and provide you with holistic care that makes a difference.

We know that getting the care you need sometimes means managing a complex calendar of appointments with different providers. To remove the hassle and help you focus on your well-being, Relimb brings all the services you need together in one convenient place.

Our services

You can receive access to all of these services at our clinic and from our partners.

  • Osseointegration (OI) 
  • Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR)
  • Prosthetics
  • Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interfaces (RPNI)
  • Reconstructive plastic surgery
  • Rehabilitation

Meet the team

Mr Woollard and Mr Kang have been colleagues, collaborators, and friends for more than a decade. In 2018, this partnership took them on a trip to Baghdad, Iraq, where they performed reconstructive surgery for people injured in the conflict. Here, they witnessed multiple OI procedures and met people who regained their mobility using osseointegrated bone-anchors. After completing a fellowship in OI with renowned expert Professor Munjed Al-Muderis, they were determined to bring this once-experimental surgery to amputees in the UK, through Relimb.

Alexander Woollard

Mr Woollard is a co-founder of Relimb and a consultant plastic surgeon. He has a specialist interest in nerve regeneration, facial reanimation, and sarcoma reconstruction, with a focus on improving long-term functional outcomes in complex reconstructions.

Mr Woollard was educated at St Paul’s School, London before studying medicine at the University of Southampton and History of Medicine at University College London. He graduated in 2002, and in 2016 was appointed as a consultant plastic surgeon at the Royal Free London NHS Trust. With a strong background in clinical research, he completed his PhD research in nerve regeneration at Harvard University’s Center for Brain Science.

Norbert Venantius Kang

Mr Kang is a co-founder of Relimb and a consultant plastic surgeon. His areas of expertise include OI and nerve surgery for amputees. He performed his first OI procedure in 2005. He has been performing TMR surgery since 2013.

Mr Kang was educated at Worth Abbey School, Sussex and graduated from Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School (now part of Imperial College, London) in 1989. He undertook fellowship training in peripheral nerve injury surgery at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and was then appointed as a consultant plastic surgeon at Mount Vernon Hospital in 2002, before moving to the Royal Free Hospital in 2006.

Additional services

At Relimb, we believe in caring for your whole body and mind. For new patients, our service provides mental health screening to identify any psychological issues you may be experiencing. Our dedicated psychologist will also be available to support you with treatment before and after your surgery. We also have an anaesthetist who will ensure that any surgery is carried out as painlessly and safely as possible and, when needed, we work closely with our orthopaedic colleagues and pain specialists at the Royal Free Hospital.

Meet our partners

By choosing Relimb, you can also benefit from the expertise of our partners, Dorset Orthopaedic and the Osseointegration Group of Australia (OGAAP). Through Dorset Orthopaedic, you will receive rehabilitation support for your prosthetics and physiotherapy before and after surgery, because their team members also attend our monthly multi-disciplinary clinics. OGAAP provides further expertise in relation to OI, implants and components, and close support for complex orthopaedic issues.

How to find us

We are located at
Private Patients, Royal Free Hospital, Pond Street, London, NW3 2QG

We would love to hear from you

If you want to find out more, get a quotation or make an appointment, please contact our dedicated enquiries team who are available Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm on 020 7317 7751 or